About Us

Phap Ken LuCHAN HUN INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION carries the mission of continuing the legacy started by the Founder of Taekwon-Do, the late General Choi Hong Hi.

“Chan Hun” is the pen name of the late General Choi Hong Hi. In Chinese character, “Chan” carries the meaning of a few colors. It is “green” when it is used to describe the color of pine tree; it is “greyish” when it is used to describe the color of an old man’s hair; and it is “blue” when it is used to describe the color of the sky. “Hun” on the other hand carries the meaning of a “hut” or “cottage”. Thus, the two characters together denotes a “Cottage in the Sky”. A meaningful pen name as it is, the Founder used it throughout his life in all occasions of his writings, calligraphies, and paintings. It was a dream of the Founder to live harmoniously and peacefully among all Taekwon-Do practitioners under the same roof of Taekwon-Do martial arts, a legacy he did not see fulfilled before he passed in 2002.

Senior Grandmaster Phap Lu lived and worked with the late Founder for 11 years as a comrade in the Taekwon-Do and as a loyal friend and student to the Founder in all efforts to contribute to the betterment of “The Way of the Foot and Hand”, which is the meaning of “Taekwon-Do” in English.

Uniting the brothers and sisters in the Taekwon-Do world is never a simple task, but we at CHITF are committed to do our best under the leadership of Senior Grandmaster Phap Lu are courageously standing up and moving on.

CHAN HUN INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION or abbreviated as “CHITF” is founded for and beyond the Chon-Ji style TaeKwon-Do practitioners worldwide. We are gearing towards achieving our goals and envisioning a day when Taekwon-Do becomes borderless to all its practitioners. We are here to share with you our mission which can only be accomplished with you as a true student of Taekwon-Do. All are welcome to join us in this “Cottage in the Sky” disregard the style and origin you belong to. As a member, a national affiliate, or an associate, we will together build a more harmonious and peaceful world while enjoying the Taekwon-Do martial arts in its most original form as developed and taught by the late Founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi.
A Message from the office of the Chairman

Senior Grandmaster Phap Lu

Vision and Goals

Founder of CH ITF: Senior Grandmaster Phap Lu


“Building a platform to unite all Chon-Ji StyleTaekwondo practitioners so as to preserve General Choi’s Legacy”


1)  Preserve the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi as the Legendary Founder of TaeKwon-Do with the original techniques and philosophy he invented through physical and spiritual developments;

2)  Develop, spread, and promote the said original TaeKwon-Do without any political influences and interferences in order to stay within General Choi’s philosophy of original TaeKwon-Do without racial discrimination, national territorial border, religious differences, or individual ideology;

     3)  Create a platform for all Chon-Ji style TaeKwon-Do practitioners to meet, compete, train, learn, and have fun under one federation.


Chan Hun … is the name

International … is the border

TaeKwon-Do … is the martial arts

Federation … is ALL OF US in CHITF